The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Pharmacy has evolved over the years and the work of pharmacists has also grown with it. What was once a “lick, stick and pour” job, where pharmacists would simply lick and stick labels, and count and pour medications in bottles, have developed into an important profession in the medical field. Today, pharmacists undergo strict education to understand the use and effects of drugs on the human body.

The profession has definitely evolved into a team of healthcare professionals working on overall patient care.

With the importance of pharmacists in the industry, it is also vital that an association takes care of every single pharmacist in the country; especially in Australia, where healthcare is of utmost importance. This is what the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

What is the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia?

The peak national professional pharmacy organization, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia or PSA represents over 25,000 Australian pharmacists all over the country, including those that work in sectors outside health centres.

The main goal of the association is to improve the profession through continuing education, professional development and worker support. It currently offers a full range of programs for its members, including education and professional development activities and a National Intern training Program.

The Early Career Pharmacists Working Group (ECPWG)

The ECPWG is a PSA-headed program aimed at supporting pharmacists in the early stages of their careers. Established in 2009, it works on both a national and local-level. According to its website, it represents students, interns and registered pharmacists with up to 10 years of experience.

Its objectives include:

Identifying the needs of early career pharmacists, including professional development, practice and worker support Facilitates programs that improve the profession Works with PSA in the involvement of early career pharmacists and career development

Annual Conferences and Events

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia regularly holds conferences and seminars or its members, pushing for education and professional development.

Clinical and Practice Expo (CPExpo)

The event offers a string of educational talks and portals. Described as a “signature learning space,” it also offers members a good opportunity for networking and connecting with other people in the pharmaceutical industry.

Offshore Refresher Conference

The Offshore Refresher Conference is Australia’s longest running and one of the most successful pharmaceutical conferences. This year’s conference was held last May in London.

Pharmacy Australia Congress (PAC)

PAC is one of the leading pharmacy congress and exhibitions in the world. This year’s congress will happen on October at Brisbane.

Excellence Awards

The PSA also offers a number of awards to leading pharmacists in the country, recognizing the efforts these workers put into the development of the profession.

Among the recognitions being awarded, include:

Pharmacist of the Year The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Lifetime Achievement Award Young Pharmacist of the Year Award for Quality Use of Medicines in Pain Management New South Wales Pharmacist Medal Queensland Branch Awards Intern Pharmacist of the Year Bowl of Hygeia