Knots in a Tie

Knots in a Tie

Knots in a Tie

Mens ties are a part of the wardrobe of most men.  Imparting the art of tying a tie is a men’s thing and part of the bonding between father and son.  There are different ways to tying a tie.  You could use a four in hand knot, a half Windsor knot, a Pratt knot, or a complete Windsor knot.  The Pratt and the four in hand are less formal knots while the Windsor and half Windsor are used for very formal occasions.  You could use the small knot, humor knot, or the double knot too.  Whatever the knot you use, it is important that you tie it correctly, so it looks professional.

The Right Tie For The Right Occasion

Silk ties these days come in all the colors of the rainbow.  The right way to select a tie to go with your outfit has to be learnt.  The rules governing male dressing states that instead of matching your outfit to a tie, it is better to select the tie and then choose the rest of your outfit to go with it.  The tie has to be selected depending on the occasion it is being worn for.  It could be for an interview or a party or it could be for an ultra formal event.  Your choice of tie could give the impression that you are casual or serious.  The overall effect looks classier when one color in the tie matches the shirt you have chosen to wear.

Gifting A Tie

Mens ties are a favorite gift item but department stores often mention the high rate of exchange of ties after the gift season.  The most common reasons mentioned are its inappropriateness with the person’s wardrobe.  When selecting a silk tie for your favorite male friend, spare a moment to think about his life style so that your choice would be something that he could use frequently and something he would appreciate.  The Seven-Fold tie is the most expensive tie you could gift your friend.

Know Your Tie

Mens ties are available at most retail outlets, supermarkets, and of course online.  Before buying a tie however you should have sufficient information to ensure you are making the right purchase.  There are 22 steps involved in the manufacture of a silk tie.  A good quality silk tie would have outer fabrics that are of good quality.  The construction of the tie itself would be hardy with proper interlinings.  The final finished look will of course give it that perfect luxurious feel.  Once the tie is purchased, proper care should be taken to ensure durability.