Heart and lung diseases cause death of 133 pilgrims during Haj

Arabia comes up with a bad news. A total of 133 foreign Arab pilgrims died, while 213 others have been admitted in order to hospitals during this Haj season, media reported Sunday.

The best number of fatalities was reported among Silk pilgrims, with 14 fatalities and 81 hospitalisation situations, a statistical report released by the Tawafa Company for Pilgrims from Arabic Countries said.

In addition to the Egyptians, among the dead had been pilgrims from Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Morocco, Somalia, Yemen, Jordan and Mauritania, Arabic News reported citing the particular report.

The Saudi wellness ministry, meanwhile, said 56 percent of deaths throughout the Haj season were brought on by heart and lung illnesses.

Faisal Nouh, chairman from the organisation, said that several of the hospitalised pilgrims have been released, whilst pilgrims who were not able to move have already been transported by ambulance in order to perform Haj rites.

Greater than 265, 000 pilgrims through Arab countries arrived within Saudi Arabia to execute Haj this season.

The vast majority of pilgrims have arrive from Egypt, followed simply by Algeria, Morocco and Iraq.

Meanwhile, government-run hospitals from the holy sites have got carried out a collection of surgical operations upon pilgrims, including five open-heart operations.

Within a four-day time period, medical teams from the particular ministry conducted other functions, including 82 cardiac catheterisations and 349 kidney dialysis procedures and 23 binoculars, the ministry said.

Several 70, 721 pilgrims went to health facilities in Makkah and Madinah within the last 4 days.