Gout - Elementary Information That One Must Know

Gout - Elementary Information That One Must Know

Gout - Elementary Information That One Must Know Gout is an extremely dreadful and painful medical condition. This is mainly known as the metabolic arthritis which is sort of a congenital disorder of uric acid metabolism that is prevalent in the patients of gout. The worse thing is that though gout is around for centuries yet the treatment of the disease is quite expensive and total cure is still not possible. The main cause of the disease is nothing serious rather it starts with a trivial physical disorder of uric acid accumulation in the body. Creation of uric acid is normal in our body but our body is equipped to discharge that uric acid though out body system. But if for any reason the uric acid is not disposed from the body then the excess uric acid starts to accumulate and forms the uric acid crystals which tend to be deposited on the articular cartilage of the bodys joints, tendons and the surrounding tissues that causes the acute pain of the gout attack.

The major problem with the acute gout condition is the excruciating pain. Intolerable pain in the joints, tendons and the surrounded tissues is the main concern here. Sometimes acute gout conditions get worse by the growth of the uric acid deposits. Sometimes the uric acid starts to grow larger in size and sometimes they become too large to burst through the skin developing the skin sinuses. Sometimes there is the discharge of white chalky substances from the skin sinuses. Sometimes the gout attack can last for only a few hours but some acute conditions of gout attack can last for a week also. Many of the acute gout attacks occur during the night. Sometimes acute cases of the gout mean to the overly sensitive skin problems. In some cases, the slightest touch can lead to the unbearable pain. Sometimes the simplest touch on the affected area can cause extreme pain.

When we talk about the classical symptoms of the gout the excruciating and unbearable pain is the main symptom. Swelling, redness, warmness and joint stiffness are some other very common symptoms of the gout. Sometimes low degree fever can also occur with acute gout pain. Tissue soreness and tenderness can be some other associated symptoms. Some patients of gout can also suffer from the problem of nausea, or vomiting but these are not the very common symptoms that occur to most of the patients.

In most of the gout cases, to be precise in almost 75% of the gout cases the patients got their first gout attack in the big toes. Other areas can be the target areas for the first attack of the gout but this is the main potential area for the gout attack. The other areas that can be affected by the gout attack are the heels, the wrists, ankles, fingers, knees and even the spine.

The world of gout is a painful world where the patients have to suffer the excruciating and unbearable pain. However, certain food diets and timely treatment can relieve the intolerable pain under the proper guidance of the experienced doctor.