Choosing Foot Orthotics

Choosing Foot Orthotics

Choosing Foot Orthotics

Being an athlete makes you vulnerable to foot injuries. Many athletes even have undetected minor foot problems. Though minor, these problems can worsen as more stress is put on their feet. Most people do not understand that the foot is not just a single working entity, but it is also a complex machine, made of over a hundred parts working together. Orthotic devices, like the Sof Sole Arch Performance insoles, ensure better functioning of the foot during strenuous activities. But what should you keep in mind when buying orthotics?


Before you choose orthotic devices, see your podiatrist. He/she can check out your foot anatomy and figure out what types of stress your feet may be encountering when you are walking or running. There is no substitute for a podiatrist, who can give you advice on what type of orthotic device is right for you. There are generic orthotic devices in the market that everyone can buy without a physician’s advice. It’s better to have a recommendation from your podiatrist.


Go to the internet and look for information about orthotics. Most people would just go to orthotics sellers, but it’s important to know what these pieces of equipments are and what they do. Finding information on the internet is not very easy, because many websites regarding these appliances are more focused on selling them rather than providing a lot of information on these products.


Determine what kind of orthotic device you need. The most common one is the foot cushion insole. There are products like the Sof Sole Athlete Performance insoles that help reduce stress on the foot. If you are looking to buy one of the products, make sure you know how it works. Basically, you need something that would protect your feet from harsh impacts and forces due to running and other exercises.


Check out different brands of orthotics on the internet. They are usually the same and have similar benefits. However, there are brands that have better reviews. Trust customer reviews because you will find the right product for you if you read enough reviews on different brands. If you have tried a brand of protective insole, for instance, and the majority of customer opinions of that particular brand are negative, then, you should look for another one.

If you are buying orthotics for the first time, consider what your friends suggest. A sports newbie will have to listen to his or her seniors. What specific product do they recommend to you? Don’t hesitate to ask questions.


Supposing the cushioning insole does not remove the discomfort you feel when you walk or run. This means that it’s not the right one for you. This is what you must do. Go back to your podiatrist to reevaluate your foot anatomy. The podiatrist may check for over-pronation or supination of your feet. Such cases require certain types of protective insoles. The specialist may also evaluate the region where soreness is evident. After all the assessment, a more appropriate orthotic device will be prescribed.


More importantly, make sure you get the right size. These appliances, like insoles, come in different sizes. The wrong size is useless and may only give you more discomfort, defeating the reason you bought insoles in the first place.


The wrong insoles can affect your gait and make you more prone to imbalance and other accidents. They also put a strain on your foot and leg muscles, giving unwanted stress.